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Base64 Encoder

Base64 encode text and images. Paste your text or image into the source textbox to use the base64 encoder.

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Base64 Encode

Type or paste text and images into the source box.

Image Encoding

Base64 Encoder can encode images as data url images for embedding in CSS style sheets or inline in an IMG tag. Supported image formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG or BMP.

Drag And Drop

Base64 Encoder supports drag and drop. Select a text or image file and drop anywhere in the Base64 Encoder tool and it will Base64 encode the contents.


Copy your Base64 encoded string or save the results to a file.

What Is Base64 Encoding

Base64 is a binary to text encoding scheme. Binary data is represented as an ASCII string. Typically, Base64 encoding is used to encode binary data for transmission over text based media without changing the original byte stream. Read more about Base64 and what it's used for.

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Drag And Drop supports single files only