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Base64 Decoder

Base64 decode encoded text or data URL encoded images and files. Paste your Base64 encoded text into the source textbox to use the base64 decoder.

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Base64 Decode

Type or paste a Base64 encoded string into the source box.

Base64 Image Decoding

Base64 Decoder can decode data URL encoded images and saves them to the original source image file.

Drag And Drop

Base64 Decoder supports drag and drop. Select a file with Base64 encoded text or data URL encoded contents and drop anywhere in the Base64 Decoder tool and it will Base64 decode the contents.


Copy your base64 decoded text or save the results to a file.

What Is Base64 Decoding

Base64 decoding is the process of decoding Base64 data back into it's original byte stream. The original data might be text, an image or raw binary data. Read more about Base64 and what it's used for.

Some variants of Base64 use different characters for the 62nd and 63rd characters. Other characters can include "-", "_", ",", ":", "~" as well as optional padding. Since Base64 decoding is mostly regrouping of bits and projection between values, base64 decoding is usually quite fast on most hardware. However, for some applications, decoding Base64 requires event more speed. Daniel Lemire has a good write up for ridiculously fast base64 encoding and decoding. He was able to achieve a 7x speed improvement in base64 decoding.

Not All Base64 Is Text

When you decode a Base64 encoded string, it will not always be readable text. Since Base64 can encode any binary data, your Base64 string might be an image, a checksum hash, digital certificate, or some other data. There are thousands of potential use cases for using Base64 encoding. When decoded correctly, you result should be the exact same byte order as the original data before it was Base64 encoded. Not all decoders will decode Base64 encoded data correctly. Additionally, not all decoders support every possible variant of Base64.

We couldn't decode your source. Please make sure it is properly encoded Base64 text.
Drag And Drop supports single files only